This summer, Skylar is a research intern in Professor Jong Mo Seo’s lab at Seoul National University. Skylar is working on a project with another foreign student in the lab from Italy, named Leonardo.

Skylar and her co-workers in Namsan Park

Touch screens are made out of electronic sensors, and these sensors can be used to measure different properties. For example, when a person draws on a tablet, the sensors in the tablet are measuring the pressure of the person’s finger on the screen, that is then translated into lines of various thickness. Skylar’s project is to find a relationship between moisture and the change of capacitance on a touch screen, so that the screen’s sensors can be used to detect the moisture in a person’s skin. By the end of the summer, Skylar would like to quantify the relationship between moisture in the selected gels and the change in capacitance, that then can be related to moisture in a human finger.

Besides her work in the lab, Skylar has been making friends with the people in her lab. This past weekend they went to Naksan Park!

In the first two weeks, Skylar and the rest of the IRiKA team went to LG Science Park and KiTECH, a Korean government lab. Both tours were very exciting. The group learned a lot about LGs diverse product line and printed microelectronics projects at KiTECH.

Skylar spends the weekends exploring Seoul ewith IRiKA mate Shayla. Their first weekend in Seoul, they went to 강남 (Gangnum), 아부정(Apujeong) to visit K-Star Road, and 삼선 (Samseong). This past weekend they went to 광화문 (Gwaghwamun) and visited the 경복궁 (Gyeonbokgung) palace. At this historical site, Skylar learned more about Korea’s Joseon Dynasty, and the king who created the Korean alphabet, Sejong the Great.