Research Progress 

Having used AutoCAD to design his first electrode (a basic four-channel stimulation electrode) late in the previous week, Alejandro was given a microelectronics textbook to further acquaint himself with the concepts and mechanics at work in neural stimulation circuits. Essentially, he was told to read three chapters of the book (covering MOSFETs, source followers, and current mirrors) and complete some of the example problems in each chapter. That occupied him for most of his third week in Korea.


Alejandro’s weekday excursions fell on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (7/1, 7/2, and 7/3) this week. He visited Gangnam for the first time on Tuesday, getting a haircut and celebrating William’s birthday with a KBBQ dinner while he was there. Wednesday and Thursday consisted of two group tours, to the Hyundai MOBIS facilities and the Samsung Museum of Innovation (respectively).

Both tours are represented by pictures below and were pretty interesting, but the MOBIS tour really drew Alejandro’s attention, since there were actually products being tested and developed there rather than exhibited (as they were at the Samsung museum). On Saturday, he went rock climbing with William and his two new roommates before dinner and boba tea (his first ever!), and on Sunday, he participated in the weekly dinner and dessert with the four other IRiKA cohorts.

left: The IRiKA cohorts and Dr. Moser in front of the entrance to the Hyundai MOBIS facilities

right: Shayla, Skylar, and Alejandro discuss the tour of the Samsung Museum of Innovation that they had just experienced while Dr. Moser takes a photo and Bri talks to another group of tourists