Shayla was paired with Professor Deong-Kyu Jeong and the Inter-university Semiconductor  Research Center (ISRC),  where the main research interests include the design of high-speed I/O circuits, phase-locked loops, and memory system architecture. She will be working on created a chip inductor for clock control in one of the high-speed circuits using CAD software like HFSS.  She will also be working on test automation for a new high speed optical circuit using python to interface with the lab equipment.  Between the two projects Shayla will have the opportunity to with both chip scale electronics and chip scale optics, which are her areas of interest for her Ph.D studies.

Thus far the IRiKA program visited LG Electronics and the Korean Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH). During the visit to LG Shayla was amazed at the breadth of industries the company designed and manufactured products for. During the visit to KITECH, Shayla was excited to see a familiar technology that she worked on in her undergraduate career, ink-jet printed microelectronics !

Outside of the lab Shayla has had the chance to visit Gangnam, where she visited K-star road and COEX mall, and Gyeonbokgung Palace where she learned about the Korean language and old traditions. She also had the pleasure of trying many different authentic Korean dishes like tteokbokki, samgyupsal, and bingsu.