Skylar is currently at a turning point in her project. The first two weeks, Skylar created agarose gel moisture block using a cube mold made by one of her lab mates, but the cube mold was difficult to use. Due to some small spaces within the mold, the gel would leak out of the sides before forming the desired cube shape. In week 3, Skylar figured out a way to utilize the cube mold and was able to take some measurements, but unfortunately these measurements did not give the desired results. In week 4, Skylar made molds out of PDMS, which is a lot easier to use. She is continuing to take measurements of the gels using the new mold.

In order to get more well-rounded results, Skylar is going to start fabricating different types of gel so that the measurements can be compared. She is going to fabricate these gels in a lab in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department, so that she can use their equipment to take measurements.

These past weekends, Skylar and Shayla have continued to explore the many neighborhoods in Seoul. They have traveled to 합정 (Hapjeong), 이대원 (Itaewon), and 홍대 (Hongdae). One evening, they went to 여의도공원 (Yeouido Park) and at delicious food from various street vendors.

Every Sunday, the five IRiKA members go out to eat, and they always have a competition to figure out who pays for dessert. This past Sunday, the five along with Saeyoung went to karaoke!