Research Progress  

With only two weeks left in his internship, Alejandro began to up the pace on his work as he continued to collect impedance and CSCc data using the provided microelectrodes and three-electrode circuit in iridium oxide solution. Additionally, he began assembling the previously simulated neural stimulator circuit on a breadboard using the recently delivered circuit parts, which included p- and n-channel transistors, photocells, 5kΩ resistors, and a wiring kit full of wires with various lengths. He worked on this circuit while waiting for tedious electrodeposition processes to finish.


As per usual, the weekdays were mostly occupied by work; in the evenings Alejandro was too tired to do much of anything. Additionally, due to the impending end of his internship, he was unable to play with the HOBAS club on Tuesday evening. The weekend, however, brought one of the highlights of his entire trip: the Garden of Morning Calm. Located in a region called Gapyeong, the Garden of Morning Calm was a beautiful and peaceful display of nature. The weather was pleasant and the landscape was painted with color due to the variety of flower types in the Garden. Alejandro also visited nearby Nami Island in the early evening; while it was quaint, the sun fell very quickly upon his arrival, and he was unable to truly experience the place, including its famous tree-lined walkway. Regardless, it was a memorable weekend for Alejandro, which he needed as he prepared for the final week of his internship.