What a wonderful ending to the experience of a lifetime!! Shayla finished her code to generate a square Inductor in Visual Basic. She delivered a full user guide and software to the team! Many members of the team were excited about an automated designer they could use! Her closest lab members also made sure to go to dinner with Shayla twice in her final week! One dinner was a traditional Korean meal the other was BBQ chicken and pizza!!

For her final weekend in Seoul Shayla celebrated Skylar’s 20th birthday weekend on Jeju Island. The girls tried black pork on black pork street! Very delicious! Then hung out on the coast of Jeju during sunset . The next day they got to see both of Jeju’s waterfalls as well as go to Jeju Water world to relax at the end of the day!! Finally, the girls went to the beach but was rained out! The girls still had fun together over dinner and television!!

Shayla would like to thank NSF for funding the program. She would like to thank Professors Kim, Choi and Moser for all the direct help and involvement throughout the summer!!!