Quarantine was like an extract of 2020. On the positive side, it reminds you of the fact that the world does not move at the same pace in any place. It gives you a pseudo-limbo for you to start swimming ahead of the wave, helping you surf through the culture shock. It was calm, organized, effective, and necessary. But also, it did not let you move. During quarantine, I studied the Korean language, met with ANS members and wrote documents as Treasurer for UF’s ANS, had constant contact with my family, and talked with those in my program who were right next door. Yet, for 14 days, it felt like I couldn’t interact with my life.

Once I was out though, life picked up quick. We immediately started meeting people, got to explore Seoul, and I met my boss that same day. The following week, I met the rest of the team at CJ and it was a good experience. The people at CJ were very welcoming and helpful. There is a language barrier, but both sides are trying to cross it so it works.

As far as excursions, the only trip I’ve really had so far is my 4 sim card trips. That was a bit time consuming, but I did learn to use the bus system better. That said, we are planning a trip to Gyeryongsan National Park to go hiking, and the Demilitarized zone is next. Plus, I’m planning to pitch a trip to Hwaseong Fortress and Lotte World.