While the experience of being locked up for two weeks by himself was a new experience, Ryoma did not go insane from the isolation.

Fully convinced that he was going to do machine vision work for his laboratory, Ryoma committed his time toward studying Neural Networks and more specifically Convolutional Neural Networks. Unfortunately, it turned out that the theoretical basics for his tasks required no knowledge of neural networks. Oh well.


On the evening he got out, Ryoma partook in a time honored Korean drinking tradition called Chimaek with some of the graduate students from the research group he will be working with over the summer. 

Unfortunately, as he was too preoccupied with his food, conversations, and intoxication he forgot to take pictures of the event.

On the next day, Ryoma decided to explore the campus. This was significantly harder to do than it was back in Gainesville, thanks to the mountainous terrain.

Ryoma then visited his laboratory and was shown around the lab’s assets, which include a workshop, an office, and a garage for the larger autonomous robots. One of the sights was not just an achievement for the lab, but a national one as he was shown the very first autonomous car in South Korea. It was then he realized that he stood on the shoulders of giants.

Concerningly enough, the lab was also equipped with beds.


Lotte Tower

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Note: The author would like to apologize for the brevity of his posts, as his time was divided between writing this blog post, and a presentation he must prepare for. Perhaps he will make up for this next time.