This week has been much more involved. My task is to learn to print the hydrogel and gather data on the process. After a day of thirty-nine small samples printed, I felt I got the hang of it. It seems to be an art as much as it is a science. The gel wants to solidify inside the print nozzle and block the flow, so various measures must be taken to prevent that. The quest to solve this problem has taken many turns, but I believe that I am close to nailing the process down. Based on my discoveries along the way, I might earn a Nobel Prize. Just kidding… unless…


This weekend I spent a rainy Saturday with Matt and his friends from lab. They were very cool people and I am so glad I could go to the National Science Museum (some kind staff even showed us around the solar observatory!), hit up an overly expensive restaurant for lunch, and adventure around the town with them.

The solar telescope at the museum

Now this is what I like to see…

Just like last time we tried, Matt and I found the Art Museum closed when we tried to go with them. We don’t seem to be very lucky in that regard! We went to a Chinese restaurant that night and ate a very big fish together! Our American friend we met on our last art museum attempt even joined us for the dinner. Overall, a fantastic time.

Dinner with friends!


We are currently working on elevator pitches that we can use for interviews. In addition to that, Dr. Moser challenges us with a random prompt and has us speak on the spot about it. It’s challenging to formulate an argument so quickly, but I enjoy it as it is essentially a formal “hot-take” session!