The majority of my week was spent working on my research of anisotropic conductive films (ACFs).  I also got to do my first presentation in a meeting with Professor Kang about my findings.  I was definitely a little ahead of myself with the ideas on how to make ACFs completely biodegradable, but Prof. Kang helped refocus and discussed with me what aspects of my research I need to continue on.  While I was extremely nervous, I really enjoyed getting to hear his feedback and ideas.   

Diagram showing how ACFs work – Advanced Integrated Technologies, Inc, 2013

This Thursday and Friday the lab was scheduled to go to a seminar in a different city, so I was given those days off!  So I spent the rest of my short week completely redoing my presentation and trying to think of techniques to produce ACFs using the equipment already in the lab. Sad news though, their workshop was postponed due to rising COVID cases.

Communication Workshop:

In our 2nd to last meeting we got the chance to redeem ourselves and redo our elevator pitches.  Everyone made major improvements from last week!  For me personally, I felt a lot more comfortable doing it but I still have a ways to go before it’s perfected.  I got lots of helpful feedback though!  Dr. Moser recommended that I sound more confident in myself and the overall consensus of the cohort was that I should put more energy into my pitch. 

While the activities we do within the workshops can be nerve wracking, I treasure the fact that Dr. Moser has made a space where we feel comfortable to practice, and to give each other feedback and critiques. 


With work for me ending early, I got to spend the long weekend in the beautiful city of Busan.  I have to say that this was one of my favorite trips since I have been in Korea.  Planning the trip was a little hectic with COVID, finding a place where we could all stay, and doing the bulk of the planning in a week (not to mention also doing full time research).  It was so worth it though! 

Elizabeth and I left at the crack of dawn to take the train to Busan. I also watched Train to Busan because getting to say “Busa watched Train to Busan on the train to Busan” was too good to pass up! 

pic 1: watching Train to Busan on the train to Busan

pic2: The train Elizabeth and I took

When we finally arrived, we quickly checked into our hostel and were off to explore Busan! Unfortunately a lot of places were closed, but that turned out to be a positive!  Everywhere we went, there was barely anyone there and it felt like we had all of Busan to ourselves!   

Elizabeth and I on top of Lotte Mall

Views from the top of Lotte Mall in Busan

Pic 1: Elizabeth and I outside of one of Busan’s ports

Pic 2: Us at the park outside of Busan Tower

Pic1: indoor market on the streets of Busan

Pic2: Seafood market right next a port

Pic1: Teobokki dinner to end night 1

Pic2: Elizabeth and I on CCTV in the employee-less ice cream shop

That night Nathan also arrived, and by the next morning we were ready to hit the town again! Well, scratch that, Nathan was ready to go but Elizabeth and I took a couple extra hours sleeping in (sorry Nathan!). We did not necessarily have a plan, so we just chose random spots on our list of things to do in Busan and enjoyed food, shopping, and the sights. 

Elizabeth, Nathan, and I at Haeundae beach

That night the rest of the crew showed up and the owner of the hostel let us all hangout in the basement area! It was great to be all back together again and we ate pizza, played pool, and listened to music.  

Basement area of “One Way Guesthouse Hostel” unlocked specially for us

On Saturday morning we got some quick breakfast at Paris Baguette and hopped on a tour bus!  I absolutely loved it!  We went to about 4 different locations, and luckily for us the bus had prerecorded audio telling the history of the places we visited.  

Pic1: Views from stop #1 Huinnyeoul Culture Village  

Pic2: Views from stop #2 Oryukdo 

Pic 1: Korean BBQ lunch/dinner after visiting Orukydo

Pic 2: Little boy at Stop #3, Peace Park, showing us the fish he caught

Me sitting in front of the Busan museum, trying to make it look like I am at the “Busa Museum” 

On our final day, we took a trip to “the most beautiful temple in Korea”,  Haedong Yonggung Temple.  I must say, it definitely lived up to its expectations!  The temple was a little smaller, so it did not take long to see it all, but I am so glad we went. 

Pic 1: views from Haedong Yonggung Temple

Pic 2: the crew at the temple + unknown extra tourist

Lying golden buddha inside Haedong Yonggung Temple with beautiful hanging lanterns

After the temple we ended our trip with lunch at a pork rice stew restaurant recommended by my mentor Kayla as it is her mentor’s (JY) absolute, hands down, most favorite food.  It was so delicious and I completely understand why it’s his favorite.  The restaurant was only a 15 minute walk to Gwangalli beach, so we picked up some ice cream and strolled along the beach.  I’d have to say it was a pretty good ending for an unforgettable trip!

Delicious swimming pork rice from Takosum Yingyi House, Honbap

Nadia, Elizabeth, Matt, and I chilling with Pengsoo on Gwangalli beach