It seems finals are coming up in this internship. [Next week], in Dr. Moser’s communications workshop, final presentations are due. We are supposed to have learned how to pitch ourselves. I believe that I am capable of it & tomorrow I will find out if I am. In a way, the timing is fitting too, as the techniques I am to employ tomorrow will be immediately applicable at work too. 

For the past week, at work, besides my normal tasks, I have been drafting lessons learned in this internship for both me and the company. This includes the progress on the project I was assigned to, as well as general experiences and accomplishments during the internship. & This Friday, I am meant to present on the cumulative impact of my internship at CJ제일제당. Now, my internship will end the week after next, but my presentation is meant to be part of our department’s monthly meetings. The goal, I imagine, is to encourage the development of the global intern programs at CJ, so the stakes are high and it’s gonna be fun.

On the casual side, the fun hasn’t let up. Last weekend, we went to Busan. It was great. We stayed at a hostel called One Way Guest House and started with the Busan City Tour Buses (a 2 story bus with an open roof and big forward facing window made for sightseeing.) 

Through this tour bus, we found our way to Peace Park (a monument which honors the countries and soldiers that came to South Korea’s aid during the Korean War (1950-53)).

And to Haeundae Beach, where we enjoyed the views, the restaurants, and the nightlife. Not to mention we found something called snail mail, where you may send free international letters . . . that will arrive a year from their original send date.