Today, I went on a company business trip, which I do not believe I am allowed to give many details for. However, I can talk about how it felt for me. It feels great to be able to participate in standard CJ business operations. I learned about the dynamics of the process in question and numbers are a universal language (as far as reports go) so I was able to understand the goals and witness their progression throughout the meetings. Nonetheless, every time the conversation started or I was given a report, I felt like it would have been very useful if I had known korean. As stated in previous blogs, I will learn Korean, but this is another day that being fluent in the language would have been particularly useful.  

Communications Workshop

Fit all your experiences in Korea in a 10 to 15 minute window. Why not? That is tomorrow’s assignment. I feel like there is a lot more to talk about that can be said in 15 minutes. But realistically, I don’t think anybody will listen to a story for more than 5 minutes, no matter how interesting it is. So, I appreciate this exercise because it forces you to think about what you really want to say when someone asks you about what you took from this experience.


Board Game Cafe

My friends and I went to a Board Game Cafe in Seoul. There, I was taught the korean picks for board games, namely: 할리 갈리 & a number-based version of scrabble. Playing 할리 갈리 felt like a cross between whack-a-mole and UNO. I recommend it.

I visited one of the sets where they shot 김비서가 왜 그럴까. I also work there. (i.e. turns out that the place where I work (CJ Blossom Park) is also a movie set)

 First Korean lesson

So Busa’s and Elizabeth’s friend Nadia referred me to italki, a remote tutoring community. There I picked a tutor and booked an appointment. Not really my first korean lesson I guess (kudos to #1 teachers 한나, 다현, Duolingo and 파파고) However, first formal lesson. Conclusion, it was very helpful and I would have liked to have started taking lessons earlier.