• Problems with my Korean phone’s internet temporarily brought me back to needing to bring my passport to go to work (CJ’s security protocol, if you remember from earlier in this blog). It was a weird, relatively non-problematic reminder of the fact that I’m not from here. Regardless, I got my internet back within a couple days and now I’m back on the MDM security program.
  • As far as the actual work is concerned, I am working on exit materials and lessons learned for the internship. This morning I actually had my final presentation for CJ CheilJedang. I went over what I worked on, the importance of what I worked on, what I learned, and my experiences as an intern. It was a good chance to reflect on what I’ve done. More than that, I’m glad it wasn’t on Friday. The fact that it was earlier in the week helps make the end of my time at CJ more of a ‘phased goodbye’ than an abrupt one. 

Dr. Moser’s Workshop: Last one, a bit anticlimactic

  • I personally think that we could have done a lot better in this presentation. At least, I feel as though I could have guided the presentation a lot better & Elizabeth was right to point out that I should have explained the constraints of my presentation (NDA = can’t talk about the specifics of what I did at work).

For some reason week 7 was a bit odd for us. Even though it was not the final week, you could feel a slight trepidation from the cohort as to the end of this experience. Moreover, the workshop not being on the final week of the internship created a slight disconnect between final practice and final presentations. (For the reader’s reference, we submit the week’s blog Tuesday night, then have the workshops on Wednesday morning.)


  • So I tried a restaurant chain called ‘Food Mom,’ as you can probably guess it’s a Korean restaurant chain specializing in typical korean ‘home cooked’ meals. Its 치즈돈까스 (cheese pork cutlet) is my favorite dish so far. I recommend it.
  • This past weekend, I went to Seoul, got really lost in Insadong, wound up at a movie theater, relented to find what I was looking for on another day, went into the movie theater, bought popcorn and two large sodas (like medium-small size soda in USA), found out I couldn’t eat the popcorn in the actual theater [covid 😒😷🍿], saw Black Widow with Korean subtitles, and then went on the bus (where I also couldn’t eat my popcorn [😑😩]), and then got home & watched my popcorn fall in slow motion [😱☠].
  • The following day, still reeling from ‘The Fall of the Popcorn 🍿,’ 한나   helped me find the stuff I was originally looking for in Insadong by going to Haeundae Street. 
  • Excursions for the final week are constrained by the current requirement to get a covid test in Seoul on Monday at 2-3 pm before returning to the US. This means that the Jeju Island Excursion must be made shorter and the rest of our activities will likely be in Seoul.