I’ve been back in America for about a week and a half now. When I first landed in America, the weirdest thing for me was hearing and understanding all the conversations around me. 

Since then I have been spending all my time catching up with my friends and family, and re-adapting to life in America. Things from Korea that I miss already: people taking the pandemic seriously, public transportation, the food!, how close everything is, and how things are generally a bit cheaper there. Things I am happy to have back in America: my friends and family, more varieties of food, and cheese.

I got back just in time for both my mom’s and my good friend’s birthdays. Luckily, I thought of getting them presents while in Korea. From my friend and her family, I ate Filipino food. With my mom and my family, we went to get Indian food. I’d missed American pizza a lot so I ate that, and I bought myself a bunch of goat cheese. I went with my family to a Korean food place, but the food there wasn’t as good as food from Korea. I ordered cold buckwheat noodles there, and they added a lot of vinegar to it…

Figure: My family and I at a beach in Florida

All in all: I wish I was still in Korea! I miss the friends I made there, the beautiful mountains being in sight everywhere, the convenience of eating out every night, the convenience stores around every corner, the ability to travel easily and cheaply with public transportation, how clean and safe everything is there, and how polite everyone is!

I plan to return to Korea someday soon!